Forced Beliefs Breed Alienation

I was born and half raised in a Middle-Eastern country where religious beliefs are enforced through law. Freedom of thought and self-expression is repressed through governing figures, and those that hold opposing beliefs could be prosecuted harshly.

The majority of people in my country despise this Tyrannous system, and I have met many, many people that have been alienated by the extreme nature of the regime. I was no different! The oppression and injustice led me down the “left-hand path” when I first heard about the LaVeyan Bible. As a firm Atheist, I couldn’t call myself a “Satanist” as I am unsure of magic and the superstitious aspect, until I learned of The Satanic Temple and heard their message.

I am in no way against any practitioners of religion, as long as they keep their beliefs to themselves and fellow followers, as they have most likely been raised with these messages being force-fed to them through legal guardians and/or their surroundings.

Now, in the present day, I am moved by Icons such as Lucien Greaves, who actively fight against the long-lived relationship between state and religion. Keep the movement going, push for freedom of speech and belief.

I will not include my real name in the post as affiliation with such organizations make me fair game for a death-penalty in my home country.

Ave Satanas!
Keep the fight against Tyranny alive!

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