Circle II: Pleasure

If there’s one thing that the old Abrahamic religions hate, it’s worldly pleasure. Satanists, on the other hand, embrace all kinds of entertainment, joy, and fun. Life should be about enjoyment, after all, both for yourself and those around you!

Atheistic Satanism is a playful religion. Many people assume that Satanism isn’t a “real” religion just because Satanists often enjoy mocking and poking fun at religions, and sometimes view even their Satanic rituals as a kind of tongue-in-cheek parody. It is true that Satanists enjoy making jokes at the expense of theists, but do not be fooled: This doesn’t make Satanism any less of a “real” religion. All it means is that we understand the special psychological role that all rituals and religions have in people lives… and can have a little fun with it!

COMING SOON: entertainment and culture from a Satanic perspective

There will be music, art, and more.


The Satanic Comics of Des Rozier Kat

Satanic Holidays, because parties are fun.

In addition to the more traditional holidays, this is the holiday calendar of the United Aspects of Satan:

The Feast of Satan: Halloween
The Feast of Ba’al: December solstice
The Feast of Lucifer: February 2nd
The Feast of Baphomet: March equinox
The Feast of The Leviathan: Walpurgisnacht (April 30th)
The Feast of Belial: June solstice
The Feast of Pan: August 7th
The Feast of Loki: September equinox