Circle III: Introspection

Sometimes the best way to learn about a religion is to talk to the people who belong to that religion. Browse through these personal stories to learn what Satan and Satanism means to them. To the right you will find video testimonials from Satanists around the world.

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Featured Essays

The Accidental Satanist


Forced Beliefs Breed Alienation

I was born and half raised in a Middle-Eastern country where religious beliefs are enforced through law. Freedom of thought ...
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Christianity and My Father

My Grandfather wanted to be a Presbyterian preacher but “God did not call him”. My Uncle was a Presbyterian preacher ...
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The fight the good fight with compassion

I don't oppose religion. I oppose closed mindedness. I oppose toxic hate, bigotry, and the suppression of rights. The abuse ...
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Pretty Simple, Really.

Conservative Christian -> unsure -> Atheist -> Satanist. I read the Seven Tenets, and immediately realized that they weren't commandments: ...
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metamorphosis from a bigot to satanist

I started out life raised as a southern baptist in Texas of all places. I was your typical bigoted conservative ...
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So it turns out my life philosophy is Satanism

I was raised Catholic, but I started losing my religion at the end of my childhood. It was a long ...
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How I discovered I was a satanist

I was brought up in an atheistic household, but was exposed to religion as a child because my parents thought ...
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