Circle VII: Community

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Roll Your Own, Go Your Own Way

If there is anything true of Satanists in general, it is that we are very individualist and independent. This is for the people who like to go their own way. Or maybe they are part of an organization, but want their own local group. Perhaps you mostly fit with something, but it is not really a perfect fit. You might not quite be 100% on the UAoS path, but mostly areā€”just not quite enough for full membership. Maybe you are mostly TST, but you have become a little disillusioned. Perhaps you lean towards the CoS, but just cannot see joining ...
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Associations and Terminology

So the "non-theist" thing is going on again. It has an ebb and flow. It's the same as "atheist", meaning everyone outside the criteria of theist (I say everyone as the ist suffix is the personal form of the word). They are just taking a Greek root word with the Greek prefix meaning 'everything other than the root word', and changing it to the Latin prefix meaning the exact same thing. It's the same thing as referring to plants that use reproductive methods other than sexual, as non-sexual instead of asexual. While some people try to say there is a ...
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Reflecting on the Christian Reaction to After School Satan Club

After surveying articles and comments about ASSC, I have really just confirmed what I already knew. The most important thing, is that most Christians think that religious freedom is only for them. The vast majority of their comments are, ill-informed, horrifically spelled, an absolute hatchet job on the English language, seem to come from a person who is, unintelligent, uneducated, and aggressive. They seem to have a great feeling of entitlement, both to have their religion and ONLY their religion in all public spaces, and to voice any opinion, no matter how ignorant or violent, about minority religions, while getting ...
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