Roll Your Own, Go Your Own Way

Roll Your Own, Go Your Own Way

If there is anything true of Satanists in general, it is that we are very individualist and independent. This is for the people who like to go their own way. Or maybe they are part of an organization, but want their own local group. Perhaps you mostly fit with something, but it is not really a perfect fit.

You might not quite be 100% on the UAoS path, but mostly areā€”just not quite enough for full membership. Maybe you are mostly TST, but you have become a little disillusioned. Perhaps you lean towards the CoS, but just cannot see joining up. Or like a lot of people, you are a bit of one group, and a bit of another.

More and more people are using The Satanic Narratives for their philosophy. There are more people who use it independently than anything else, sometimes a little short of 100% agreement too. There will be an addition to that coming later in the year.

The Satanic Praxis: Living The Narratives, will add a ritual and meditation component. It will also have holidays and ceremonies. There are things that can be done on your own, and in groups. This will add another layer to your experience.

Between those, you will have everything you need to start your own group. It won’t be affiliated or supported by any organization, but it will be your own. You can recruit your own local members, and run it however you like. The Satanic Praxis will be extremely customizable. So it will be easily tailored to your purposes.

Even those who are in some way affiliated to a major organization, but lacking in philosophy and other writings, will be able to fit this in with what they do. Many do this already with The Satanic Narratives.

These are meant to be tools, to give you all that you need to create the best experience for yourself, and those around you, with whom you wish to share this experience. You can have a little Satanic fun, and perhaps get some therapeutic value from it as well.

The Satanic Praxis will be fun in its dark aesthetic. It will also help in providing a sense of community, via the ceremonies and holidays. This augments the feeling of community you get from connecting with those around you. It is also packed with proven psychological techniques, which will have you feeling better and better.

All you have to do is connect with like-minded people around you, and many of you have already done this. Then together you can craft your own independent, local organization, from the tools provided in my various writings. You don’t have to exist online. You can just use it for basic communication. Getting together at a member’s house or a rented space can be the primary thing you do.

None of these custom made chapters/organizations will have anything to do with me. Sure, I would love to hear from you, and you can tell me all about what you have built from the raw materials I provide. These will be various unconnected groups though, who are rolling their own, and going their own way.

It is no good asking when The Satanic Praxis is coming out at this point though. It will not be long before I finish the first draft. However, there are many things to be done before it is published.

I am doing this in part for my members. However, I would find it very gratifying and fulfilling, to know that my writings enabled other people to have their own custom philosophical approach and praxis.

It is also meant to be a set of therapeutic practices of various types. Myself, and one of my chaplains already runs a social outreach group under the Atheistic Satanism umbrella. It is kind of like online group therapy in way, but also a place to get things off your chest. I would like to see this enable people to help themselves.

People will make different variations of any given thing, which generates enough interest. Then there is the potential for any number of those variations to in turn, spark their own variations. All the people with any sort of independent streak, will be able to create their own, and formally codify it, by simply making note of their customizations. You can even have a group with bylaws or keep it completely casual. I just want to see everyone out there enjoying themselves.